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What is the Student Council?

A Student Council is a representative structure through which students can become involved in the affairs of the school, working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students.

Why have a Student Council?

Student Councils allow students to be actively involved in the school. This is of benefit to the whole school community. The 2005 report from the Second–Level Student Councils in Ireland identified the following advantages to having a Student Council:

  • Creates a positive school atmosphere
  • Creates a caring school environment which is supportive and inclusive
  • A vehicle for student participation
  • Beneficial impact on issues such as discipline, bullying and staff-student relations
  • Creates educational opportunities for students
  • Provides an interactive learning environment
  • Students can develop communication and leadership skills, responsibility and accountability
  • A valuable resource to management, teachers and other students.

The objectives of Clarin College Student Council are:

  • To foster in students a sense of loyalty and pride in the school
  • To allow students to play an active and positive part of their education and the life of the school
  • To encourage students to become self-confident, responsible, caring and independent
  • To develop self–respect and self-esteem in students leading to maturity
  • To improve communication at all levels in the school


Activities of Clarin College's Student Council

Clarin College's Student Council has contributed so much to both the school community and the broader community of Athenry. Within the school, they promote our Healthy Eating Policy, liaising with our canteen staff. The Student Council's Annual Colour Run has raised a considerable amount of money that local charities have benefited from. The St.Vincent De Paul Christmas food appeal has been facilitated by the Student Council within the school, donating generously to local families and individuals. They have also done tremendous work with Athenry First Responders, collaborating with them to facilitate the training of all students in CPR, which then led to Clarin College winning the Heart Safe Award.


The members of the Student Council regularly show the spirit of volunteerism both in school and in the community. They work tirelessly to organise Colour Runs raising money such as €4300 for Pieta House and €2500 for Jigsaw Galway, Children's Language Development Preschool and Aware. They raised money for Athenry First Responders to purchase a Defibrillator in Esker, Athenry. The Student Council organised a visit to our local nursing home' Castleturvin'. This was so successful that another visit is currently being organised.

The Student Council has also been proactive in organising and promoting school events such as the annual school musical and 50th-anniversary celebrations. All of this involved dedicated, selfless commitment for the benefit of others.

The Student Council creates a positive image of young people by creating such strong links with the community. Their selfless work with a myriad of charities such as the Athenry First Responders, Pieta House, Jigsaw and St. Vincent De Paul, has shown that involvement in charitable causes is not merely the preserve of adults. Their participation in these groups has promoted a positive image of young people across the community, as evidenced by the plaudits and praise they have received from the community. Their continuous coalescing with teachers and management in the school has shown that students can have a mature voice, worth listening to.

For the past four years, the Student Council's "Colour Run" has brought the community together. The proceeds are donated to a variety of local charities. €1,270 raised was given to the Athenry First Responders, who subsequently bought a defibrillator, benefiting all of the community. €4,300 was donated to Pieta House Galway, providing counselling for eight people and €2,500 was donated to Jigsaw Galway. Aware and Children's Preschool Language school. And the Health Promoting school fund were also beneficiaries of the Colour Run. Clarin College's Student Council has been instrumental in giving students a voice and reaching out to and establishing links with the local community.

The student council has demonstrated a tremendous work ethic, often sacrificing lunch breaks and after school time for the benefit of the school community. Their endeavours have been proactive in giving all students a voice, as well as establishing links with many organisations in the community. These links continue to grow and flourish, proving to be an asset to all involved. The members have shown leadership qualities in coalescing between students, teachers and management, creating an equitable, inclusive school community for all. As facilitators of the Student Council, we believe they have gone above and beyond what is required of them as students and serve as inspirational role models for young people in the community.


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