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Health Promoting Schools

Health Promoting Schools

The Healthy Ireland-Health Promoting Schools’ (HPS) Flag is presented by the HSE to schools as an acknowledgement of their work in improving the health of their school communities. This year Clarin College have been successful in receiving the flag as a recognition of all the Health Promotion work that has have done over the years.

The health-promoting schools' programme is a whole school process to move away from the mindset that being healthy is solely revolved around what we eat. In Clarin College, the health-promoting schools' programme enables the whole school community to focus on health and wellbeing. Students, staff, parents and guardians have been consulted to identify priority health areas. We addressed our schools health status under the following categories: environment (social and physical) curriculum, policies and partnerships.

Through an effective health-promoting schools team involving staff and students, there have been many health initiatives to promote positive mental health, physical health and healthy eating for the whole school community. Upholding the health-promoting schools' policy in Clarin College is a crucial tool for young people to develop the life skills and the strategy that they need from a wellbeing perspective. Here in Clarin Collge the health-promoting schools committee along with the student council work hard to get our staff and pupils enjoying a healthy lifestyle in many different ways throughout the typical school day.

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