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Book Rental & Student Services Support Fund

Book Rental & Student Services Support Fund

Student Services Support Fund

Each year the school asks for additional support to offer a range of initiatives and supports to students. The Student Services Support Fund (SSSF) is essential to ensure we can continue to offer these supports to each child in the school.

Included in the Student Services Support Fund

  • School 24/7 Accident Insurance
  • Costs for all buses going to sports and extra-curricular activities each year in 2021-2022 years we spend between €26,710 and €1,500 each year on buses and referee fees respectively. Inflation is currently running at 7.5% and It is, for this reason, we have made effort to keep costs contained for families, given other pressures on household budgets.
  • The school spends approximately €40,000 on all practical subjects per annum, these include the following:
    • Art
    • Engineering
    • MTW
    • Science
    • Music
    • DCG/Graphics
    • Home Economics
    • Material costs are currently almost 50% more expensive, particularly for Construction Studies and Engineering.
  • All affiliations fees and referring costs for all activities
  • Study skills for 1st years
  • Student journal
  • Assessment testing for 1st years
  • School locker rental
  • Ongoing repayments towards our new AstroTurf pitch which cost €87,000 and unfortunately was not included in the Department of Education's specification

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