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First Year Subject Choice

First Year Subject Choice

Subject Choice Closing Date

Please note the final date and time for completing the subject choice form is Wednesday 13-10-21 at 4 pm.

The software solution generates the optimal solution for all students; the school does not influence the outcome. In 2020 only one student did not get their top three subjects. There are more students this year, but we added different subjects, so hopefully, there will be very few students who do not get their top three choices.

Virtual First Year Subject Choice Night

Our virtual first-year subject choice will take place on Wednesday 29-09-21 at 9 pm. Please click on the access request form below to receive the link below. You must complete this form by no later than 2 pm Wednesday, 29-09-21.

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Subject Choice Presentation

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Guidance Referral Form

If you wish to speak with a guidance counsellor please complete the following referral form.

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Making your Subject Choice on VSware

CAT4 Explanation

Digital Media Literacy

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Climate Action

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Cyber Security


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