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Gaeltacht bursaries for summer 2023

Gaeltacht bursaries for summer 2023
  1. GRETB is approving Gaeltacht bursaries for summer 2023 up to a maximum value of €615 (with conditions. Applicants, please read carefully the FAQ’s sheet attached before completing the expression of interest form).

  2. Individual students (their parents/guardians) who wish to apply for a bursary must complete an expression of interest form, for submission to Clarin College to allow for an internal school selection process to take place as soon as possible.

  3. Thereafter, bursary awardees (10 Clarin College awardees) /their parents/guardians will need to engage with individual Gaeltacht summer colleges to secure a placement (this is in line with what the vast majority of students throughout Ireland do each year).

  4. This is an online process between the applicant/parents/guardians and the Gaeltacht college. Please note that GRETB has no role in the online application process between individual students and Gaeltacht summer colleges.

  5. GRETB does not guarantee that students will secure a course of their choice, nor indeed that they will secure any place in 2023, such is the changed landscape in that sector at the moment.

  6. The GRETB Bursary Programme is open to all school years, except the Leaving Certificate year.

  7. I attach expression of interest form, to be completed by each applicant and to be signed by same and his/her parents/guardians.

  8. Please be mindful of students in your college who may have been awarded placements in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2022 and, in the interests of fairness and equal opportunity, please give priority to those students who have not been awarded a placement to date, in so far as is practicable.

  9. On completion of the college’s internal selection process by each GRETB applicant college, bursary awardees can then commence the online search/application process with individual Gaeltacht colleges. The matter of deposits payable for Gaeltacht college placements is a transaction between the applicant and the Gaeltacht college. GRETB schools should not pay deposits on behalf of individual applicants.

  10. Applicants and their parents/guardians are advised to familiarise themselves with the critically important FAQ’s sheet attached before submitting an expression of interest form.

  11. Students must return their Expression of Interest form by no later than 4 pm on Monday 25-11-22.

Expression of Interest Form

Irish Bursary FAQ

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