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Senior Cycle Progamme Choice - Internal Students Only


Dear Student and Parent,

Welcome to the Senior Cycle Programme Choice Form! As you prepare to enter the Senior Cycle in your Irish post-primary education, it's essential to make informed decisions about the subjects and programmes that will best suit the student's interests, abilities, and future goals. This form is designed to help you make those choices by gathering your preferences and providing valuable information about the available options.

The Senior Cycle offers a range of programmes, including the traditional Leaving Certificate, the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP), the Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA), and the Transition Year Programme. Each programme has its unique focus, subject options, and assessment methods, catering to different learning styles and career aspirations.

Before you make your selections, please take the time to carefully consider the following:

  1. Your Interests: Reflect on the subjects that genuinely interest you and where you excel. It's crucial to choose subjects you enjoy, as you'll be more likely to stay engaged and perform well.

  2. Your Future Goals: Think about your future career or educational aspirations and research which subjects and programmes are best suited to help you achieve those goals.

  3. Your Abilities: Be realistic about your strengths and weaknesses when selecting subjects. Choose subjects that align with your abilities and where you can succeed.

  4. Subject Requirements: Familiarise yourself with the requirements and workload for each subject, ensuring you understand what will be expected of you during the Senior Cycle.

The closing date for programme choices is Friday, 12th May 2023, at 16:30 hrs. Once you've gathered all the necessary information and carefully considered your options, please complete this form to indicate your preferences. Keep in mind that while we will do our best to accommodate your selections, some choices may be subject to availability and scheduling constraints.

After the completion of the Programme Choice process, we will follow up with the Senior Cycle Subject Choice form for those entering 5th year, as applicable.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form, and we wish you all the best in your Senior Cycle journey!

The form is available here:

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