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5th Year Parent Teacher Meeting

5th Year Parent Teacher Meeting

Dear Students/Parents,

In relation to the parent-teacher meeting scheduled for Thursday 04-2-21, please consider the following points:

  1. Parents and students will need to register with our Parent Teacher Meeting Portal/software if they want the teacher to contact them. The teacher will call using their mobile phone (their call will be on a private number) or they may call from the school at the time scheduled.
  2. Your contact schedule will be available on the PTM Portal on Wednesday 03-02-21, this schedule will be like a timetable. If you have not registered, we will assume parents have not given their consent to share their phone number and therefore will not be contacted.
  3. The teachers will be allocated slots to contact your parent. The reason we have set up these timetables is, so the phone calls don’t come to parents at once, which would be unfair to all parties. To access the registration portal, please go to this site:
  4. The students are invited to be part of the conversation.
  5. If you wish to participate in this PTM, please confirm this by registering on the portal by no later than 4 pm on Monday 01-02-21
  6. Then enter your VSware id which is the password for the portal. You will get your VSware id under the personal tab on VSware. See image below:


Kind regards,

Daniel Hyland

Clarin College, Athenry, Co. Galway.
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