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1st Year Parent-Teacher Meeting - Booking Open Now

Invitation to Virtual Parent-Teacher Meeting - Booking Open Now

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

I hope this message finds you well. We are delighted to extend an invitation to our forthcoming virtual Parent-Teacher Meeting, set on our dedicated online platform. This important consultation offers a unique chance to engage with your child's teachers to discuss their academic journey and well-being at school.

To facilitate a meaningful and efficient meeting, we kindly ask for your cooperation with the following guidelines:

  • Prepare Questions: Dedicate time to noting any queries or concerns regarding your child's academic progress or school experience.
  • Review Your Child's Progress: Before the meeting, acquaint yourself with any recent school reports or assessments. Please check that you have access to TYRO. School reports are scheduled to be published before the PTM. The CAT4 reports are also useful for your PTM.
  • Be Punctual: To ensure a timely start, please log into the meeting platform a few minutes before your scheduled time.
  • Take Notes: Have a notepad ready to capture crucial details or follow-up actions from your discussion.

Adhering to these guidelines will significantly enhance the productivity and value of your meeting.

The Parent-Teacher Meeting Dates are as follows:

  • 1st Year - Tuesday, 27-02-24
  • Booking closing date: Monday, 26-02-24 at 12 pm.
  • Meeting times: 4:15 PM to 6:45 PM

Booking Your Appointment: The system for scheduling your appointments is now live, and available until noon on the day before your designated meeting day. To arrange your meeting, please visit our dedicated booking platform at, logging in with:

  • Your child's first name
  • Surname
  • Date of birth

Important points to consider:

  • Meeting Duration Explanation: Parents often inquire about the 5-minute duration of each consultation. We allocate this time due to operational constraints. With our operating window limited to 2.5 hours and an average of 24 pupils per class across 13 subject specialisations, we have to organize 2,844 consultations. This allows us to fulfil our legal obligation (section 9 g of the Education Act) to provide as many consultations as possible to the 1st-year parent community.

  • Teacher Availability: Sometimes, teachers may have more than 2 classes, leading to a waiting list for consultations. Rest assured, we will endeavour to reach you in such cases.

  • Operational Challenges: While this system may seem distant, our teachers genuinely prefer face-to-face meetings. However, organising 2,844 consultations in a 2.5-hour window, arranging parking for 237 cars, and ensuring smooth transitions between consultations while maintaining privacy in a potentially crowded gymnasium is challenging. We are exploring hybrid options for the future, but logistical constraints remain a concern. This system has resulted in the highest engagement with parents even before the restrictions of the pandemic.

  • Teacher Selection: If your child has team teachers or if you encounter multiple occurrences of the same teacher, simply select the main teacher in the subject list. This may be due to system glitches or subject option rotations.

  • Prioritising Subjects: We recommend prioritising exam subject teachers. Other areas of learning such as CSPE, PE, SPHE, and Religious Education may have multiple classes, so scheduling with exam subject teachers first is advisable.

  • Student Guidance: We will advise students on how to make selections in an assembly. Encourage your child to engage in this process, as they can provide valuable guidance for selecting teachers.

Please note that appointments are on a first-come, first-served basis, so book early to secure your preferred time slots. The booking window closes on Monday, 26-02-24, at 12 PM. Use your child's timetable on TYRO to know the correct teacher to select. We will explain this to your child in our 1st-year assembly before the end of the week.

Should you face any login difficulties, often due to date of birth mismatches in our records, please contact the school office immediately for assistance. Ring 091-844159 or contact Additionally, a comprehensive user guide can be found at for your convenience.

This virtual format not only respects your privacy but also complies with GDPR, ensuring the safeguarding of personal information. We aim to make these consultations as accessible and effective as possible, acknowledging the logistical challenges of in-person meetings, especially in a large school setting.

We highly value your participation and believe that this virtual approach will foster a more effective and efficient connection with your child's teachers. Should any booking issues arise, do not hesitate to reach out to the office for help.

If you have internet access issues, please contact the school and we can ensure all accessibility accommodations are put in place.

Warm regards,

Clarin College

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