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All Shook Up - School Musical


Dear Parent/Stakeholder

Clarin College is excited to be putting together its first Transition Year Musical since the challenges associated with Covid-19. The Musical we will be performing is the Elvis Presley-themed ‘All Shook Up. So it will surely be a show to remember.

In standard academic years, our school tries to provide the best holistic development opportunities for our Transition Year students. To achieve this goal, we produce a musical to enable the students to develop and grow in the following areas:

  1. Enhanced language capabilities
  2. Improved memory
  3. Strengthened hand-eye coordination
  4. Music appreciation
  5. Teamwork
  6. Leadership and confidence
  7. Mental processing & problem-solving

However, the most important experience we hope for them is that the students have fun, and develop lifelong memories. None of this would be possible without the support of local businesses. As such, we are sending this email to see if you would be interested in sponsoring this year’s show. A business, where they can afford to do so, is invited to help by supporting our show. 

To advertise your business, the following options are available:

  • Ad: €75 - Your business will be displayed on a slide show before the shows commence and during the intervals. Your business details will also be displayed in the show’s programme.

  • If it is not convenient to place an advertisement at this time, we hope that you might be willing to offer a raffle prize.

Please send your donation directly to the school at the address above by cheque. Please make all cheques payable to GRETB and include Clarin College Athenry in the note.

Alternatively, please use the following Bank Details:Please reference Clarin College in the banking reference.

Account Name: GRETB Galway City

Bank: Bank of Ireland, Mainguard Street, Galway


IBAN: IE55 BOFI 9037 9510 0038 03

Sort Code: 90-37-95

Account No. 10003803

Tax Reference: 3185025HH

All advertisements must be in before Friday, 25th November 2022, to the following email address All raffle prizes may be dropped to Clarin College, or contact can be made using the email above to arrange for collection.

For parents, particularly in junior school (1st year to 3rd year), we invite you to support the show by coming to see a performance. Tickets are available here:

The attached infographic outlines the income and expenditure costs associated with the school musical. All donations will be logged and promoted on our brochure and the website for perpetuity. If the school records a surplus, the money will be held in reserve for future productions. As non-commercial state schools, all significant extracurricular projects must aim to be self-financing.

School Musical Income and Expenditure Account

Many thanks for your consideration of the above. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Daniel Hyland


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